What it is?

Vitiligo is skin condition where pale white patches appear on the skin which occurs when the skin experiences a loss of melanin pigment. It is considered to be an “autoimmune” condition in which the body’s own immune system rejects some of its cells.

Why is it a problem that needs addressing?

For many people is great shame and stigma tied to vitiligo and society greets vitiligo patients in much the same way as it does any one else who appears to be different. The doctors don’t consider it as something which need addressing as it’s not a life threatening illness. We must do something to stop people suffering in silence.

How it is created?

It just appears… Medically said to be hereditary,  happen when your immune system mistakenly attacks some part of your own body; the condition affects all races and both sexes equally, however, it is more noticeable in people with dark skin. Vitiligo may be an autoimmune disease.

Challenges of vitiligo

Vitiligo is something not many people know about, even within the developed world. Being stared at is commonplace for people that suffer from Vitiligo, as well as a common misconception that it is contagious.
The Ninu Galot Foundation through its campaigns and events will be educating people on this topic.


Our children today are the future leaders of our world. They are shrouded in innocence. They also learn by watching their role models and can easily be led astray.
Through her passion for fast cars, Ninu wants to steer the foundation to hold events within schools and educate our future leaders that Vitiligo is something that is normal, cool and acceptable in society.

Social Acceptance

As many people don’t know what vitiligo is they have fear about it. In India it is called
“safer dag” and it carries much more stigma compared to other developed nations, due to lack of education and deeply rooted superstition. In these parts of the world, Vitiligo is considered as punishment of past sins. Young women and men face pre and post matrimonial issues and challenges in finding employment. As its hereditary many couples who have vitiligo do not want to have children as they do not wish for their children to suffer as well and be treated as an outcast.

The Ninu Galot Foundation wants to overcome this stigma and make it acceptable. Help those suffering in silence to be more open and speak about it.

Psychological Effects

Vitligo is not something people are born with. It can develop in anyone, at any age. There is no cure for it at the present moment. As it’s something that people can’t control, this results with many people suffering in silence.
Through a combination of Personal Development seminars, coaching and mentoring, The Ninu Galot Foundation will strive to show those affected by Vitiligo, that they do not need to remain withdrawn from society, and that by developing the right mindset and loving the skin that they are in, they can very much lead a normal and fulfilled life.

Ninu experienced many benefits through entering the Fitness competition in 2017. She was better geared both mentally and physically to address the challenges that Vitiligo brought with it. The Foundation will also help deliver education around Health and Fitness to allow those affected by Vitiligo to also benefit from a change in mindset and physical strength.