The Ninu Galot Foundation aims to have a world where vitiligo is acceptable in society. It should not stop people from living their life and achieving their dreams. Most importantly it should not force people to change the true essence of who they are and make them feel as if they need to be hidden away from society.

Our aim:


  • Allow people affected by Vitiligo gain acceptance in society
  • Empower women to be confident and love the skin they are in
  • Educate communities on vitiligo
  • Address bullying as a result of vitiligo
  • Personal development courses/self-love- help people struggling with the emotional effects of vitiligo
  • Invest in specialist medical equipment to mirror treatments available in other parts of Europe to make treatment more accessible for people in the UK & India
  • Develop a cover up range that is easy to use
  • Provide mental health seminars with NLP qualified practitioners to assist people affected in dealing with the effects of PTSD, Anxiety and Fear
  • Promote health/fitness to make people physically stronger
  • Set Up Support groups: speak with NHS Collaborate with vitiligo society refer people struggling to contact vitiligo society team/mental health
  • Develop key relationships, collaborations, associations and partnerships worldwide to increase the education and knowledge around Vitiligo.