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campaign June 2020

The campaign this year Is to educate people on what vitiligo is. I am raising awareness of the skin condition to help remove the stigma of the condition in hopes to aid those struggling with their confidence and self-esteem.

World Vitiligo Day is on the 25th of Juneand I would really appreciate your participation in the campaign.

I first developed Vitiligo when I was 11 years old and struggled with my self-esteem for many years. A couple of years ago I decided to enter a fitness competition (and won!) that helped me realise I had the platform to help others and started campaigning for Vitiligo under the slogan #ShakeHands4Vitiligo. However, this slogan cannot be used in present times.


A few months ago I developed a V-shaped mark on my stomach which sparked the idea of the #VForVitiligo campaign. V for Vitiligo and V for Victory are the two concepts that back up this campaign. I want to help others feel confident in their own skin and with Corona Virus, since we need to follow government measures for our safety and well-being, I came up with the new slogan.

Please support with my campaign by purchasing a T-shirt from the shop.

I have designed a campaign T-shirt that I will gladly send to you if you would like to participate in the campaign and help to make a difference for people with Vitiligo, especially looking at the younger generations.

I would be so grateful if you were able to post a picture/video on your Instagram feed or stories (using @ninugalot and #VForVitiligo) regarding the campaign on the week of or on the 25th of June.

This campaign will be supported by media coverage.

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June 2019

22-24 June 2018
Boston, USA

25 January 2018
Mumbai, India

15 January 2018
Mumbai, India