Entrepreneur and fitness model. Fun, loving, likes to live life on the edge. Tell me i can’t do it and i do it. Love pushing the boundaries. Believe in work hard, play hard and training even harder. My interests are in: fashion, fast cars and fitness.

Described by Eastern eye newspaper “as bubbly, infectiously positive attitude and radiates with self confidence.”

This was not always the case. I spent 14 years of my life battling with Vitiligo and this effected my confidence and self esteem. It was my secret Something friends and family didn’t know about. Now I want to help others also suffering with the skin condition.

Why I’ve spoken about it now

Felt like the time was right. It wasn’t an easy decision to make as I’ve opened up about something very close to my heart about my emotions and what I went through. I am “fully exposed” to some this would make them feel vulnerable. I however feel this was the best thing I ever did, as I no longer fear what people think.

About Ninu Galot

My Mission

Raise awareness about vitiligo

My Vision

Change societies view on vitiligo and help those suffering feel comfortable in their own skin by removing the discrimination that exists. This can be done by Educating people about vitiligo as not many people know what it is.

FAQs about Ninu

Property portfolio landlord. Entrepreneur. Fitness model.

Confident, ambitious, disciplined.

Love eating, training, shopping, spending time with friends and family.

My dad, my mentor, everything I am today is because of him. He’s never given up. My parents have also taught me to be the best version of myself. Other inspirational women such as Deepika Padukone who spoke about depression and Winnie Harlow for making vitiligo acceptable and recognised in society.

inspirational, confident, successful

Self love, confidence is sexy, Happiness comes from within. It’s ok, be strong, be emotional, cry…. be true to yourself.

“Money doesn’t buy you happiness gives you options”- Yianni

The secret- Rhonda
The power is within you and heal your life- Louise hay

Helping others and making a change.