About Ninu Galot Foundation

The Ninu Galot Foundation aims to have a world where vitiligo is acceptable in society. It should not stop people from living their life and achieving their dreams. Most importantly not change them as a person and feel that they need to be excluded by others in society.

Ninu Galot Foundation is a social enterprise with the aim of ending the stigma of Vitiligo and empowering people to achieve their life goals. Ninu Galot Foundation is funded by Ninu Galot


Fundraise for Ninu Galot Foundation – use your skills, talents and expertise to raise money for People affected by vitiligo.


Show your support for the NGF. Buying our t-shirts will help funding the quality of life of someone with a skin condition.


By supporting our Vitiligo foundation with your donation, you will enable us to continue to work on our numerous projects.

What is Vitiligo?

Skin condition where pale white patches appear on the skin which occurs when the skin experiences a loss of melanin pigment. It is considered to be an “autoimmune” condition in which the body’s own immune system rejects some of its cells.